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  • Marie Noёlle van Berkel

A flying collab!

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

I have recently had the pleasure to collaborate with David Todd from Todddesigns, designing a wallpaper for the inside of an upcycled vintage cabinet.

This project forced me to stay focused on achieving one particular outcome as opposed to experimenting and getting distracted along the way. I used a sketchbook sketch of fancyful birds flying through imaginary vine which seemed the perfect candidate for a 2 plate colour linocut repeat pattern.

Here is the initial sketch, which happened very spontaneously:

Below is the 2 plate linocut that tile up to give a repeat pattern:

This is where the magic of printmaking lies, from one single doodle from my sketchbook, a print was made, then expanded into a wallpaper before finally becoming an object as part of a very tangible cabinet.

The prints arriving at the shop of upcycler designer David Todd. Find out more about his beautiful quirky workshop/gallery at:

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