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  • Marie Noёlle van Berkel

Saturday check in

The weekend is a good time to reflect on what I managed to do in my usual chaotic week, and commit to work hard on one project in particular and dare I say finish one perhaps?...

My method of working which is not one I would have chosen but which in the end, seem to work for me consists of starting several projects at once. I love starting, finishing is more hardous... So what happens is that I will stop and go, sketch and stare at all my works in progress for a 'few months' until I reach the stage where I have to finish them one way or another.

Following are images of some of my current projects:

A woodblock

Marienoellevanberkelchargois woodblock flowers
I can see you

A linocut

How do you keep motivated when it is so easy to feel overwhelmed?. How do you make sure you finish the work you started?

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