Self Expression, Self Discovery, Self Creation

In search of visual poetry...


I fell in love with printmaking the moment I entered the etching studio of the Norwich School of Art and Design (now NUA). The place was akin to an alchemist’s laboratory where the mixing of wax, roisin, vinegar and acid magically fixed lines, printed textures and revealed forms in pristine paper that had to be handled with care and reverence by gloved hands! In this environment I felt safe to experiment… and the prints started to multiply behind my back like the brooms in Disney's Fantasia!!!! Now that my work is mainly home based, I try to focus on quality, yet the magic is not gone…
Printmaking is a wonderful way to create multiple yet slightly different versions of the same original drawing. I love adding drawn and watercolour elements, as well as experiment with different colour inks. I taught myself relief printmaking and have produced woodcuts and linocuts which I hand print in my home studio in Norwich.
In my practice, art is synonymous with self discovery, self creation, self expression. Although my art revolves around me and my feelings, memories and obsessions...,  it takes up forms that the viewer can readily interpret as they refer to our common knowledge of myths and fairy tales, our shared love for the natural forms of plants and animals, and a generic world of childhood where the magic lives in the everyday and ambiguity takes on many shapes.
I like to start with a line, an element and usually just a vague idea of the image I want to achieve and in an organic and intuitive way fill the whole plate/paper with a visually pleasing composition. I strive to present the viewer with an image that encapsulates an open ended narrative and hope they feel compelled to finish their own version of the story.